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Trail to Abilene:
Trouble in Clearview

Follow Rose and her rag tag family as they try to protect what's theirs at home and on the trail. Short handed at the ranch, the no good sheriff and his son are making trouble for the whole town, but things get tough for Rose and her brood. Lucy and the others are still on the trail trying to make up time with the herd, as they run into troubles of their own.

The Circle R

Nate and Casey get more than they bargained for heading back to the Ranch. A bandit has a hostage. They can't just leave her. They'll have some explaining to do.

The Passengers from Hell & Other Ghost Stories

Twelve standalone tales of mystery and peril.

From a dark and lonely night by a Texan campfire to a mysterious heap of stones beside a Victorian railway, this collection of unique ghost stories will keep you guessing - not to mention sleeping with one eye open ...

Glimpse of Gable: The Forties, changing fortunes

Take a look at the changing fortunes of the King of MGM. Clark and Carole’s happy marriage, Clark’s wandering eye. The tragedy of that plane ride and his stoic devastation in the face of intense media scrutiny around his beloved Carole’s death. His hard work at officer training and decorated war service, then a return to movies and the hectic bachelor’s filling the aching void. Nothing is the same. Clark Gable proves he’s a survivor. Follow his career as he rediscovers his love of life and his work.

Screen Team.

Film biography of the on screen team of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. One of the most renowned movie comedy duos, with classics like The Fortune Cookie and The Odd Couple, plus the recent Grumpy Old Men movies. Two talented actors and good friends.

Basic Brando: The Fifties

Film biography of Marlon Brando and his most prolific and popular period, the Fifties. It's the decade that saw Brando establish himself as a rebel for the generations with charged performances in A Street Car Named desire and On the Waterfront. discover all this and more inside.